6. Install the dependencies

You need some software available on your local system before you can run quickstart.sh. You can install the necessary dependencies by running:

bash quickstart.sh --install-deps

7. Setup your virtual environment

tripleo-quickstart includes steps to set up libvirt on the undercloud host machine and to create and setup the undercloud VM.

Deployments on baremetal hardware require steps from third-party repos, in addition to the steps in tripleo-quickstart. Below is an example of a complete call to quickstart.sh to run a full deploy on baremetal overcloud nodes:

# $HW_ENV_DIR is the directory where the baremetal environment-specific
# files are stored

pushd $WORKSPACE/tripleo-quickstart
bash quickstart.sh \
    --ansible-debug \
    --bootstrap \
    --working-dir $WORKSPACE/ \
    --tags all \
    --no-clone \
    --teardown all \
    --requirements quickstart-role-requirements.txt \
    --requirements $WORKSPACE/$HW_ENV_DIR/requirements_files/$REQUIREMENTS_FILE \
    --config $WORKSPACE/$HW_ENV_DIR/config_files/$CONFIG_FILE \
    --extra-vars @$WORKSPACE/$HW_ENV_DIR/env_settings.yml \
    --playbook $PLAYBOOK \
    --release $RELEASE \